There’s A Breakthrough On The Other Side Of The Mess

Darrah Brustein
2 min readJul 29, 2022

Doing the work to get your metaphorical house in order is exactly like cleaning out your actual closet: You’ll excavate all of the years of stuff out onto the floor, separate them into piles: ‘trash, donate, keep’, and then get overwhelmed because things felt way less messy before you started this process.

Trust that there is relief on the other side and everything will feel lighter, cleaner, and clearer.

Keep going, even when it feels messy and uncomfortable. You’re on the verge of a breakthrough.⁠

I see this all the time with clients: they dig in to design their ideal lives, understand what they value and what’s in/out of alignment with that, get clear on the time and financial allocations they need and want to make that all possible, and then reverse-engineer the business to create that.⁠

Then, like clockwork, they begin to question and doubt it all because suddenly it feels messier and less comfortable than it did before.⁠

Because they put it all out on the ‘closet floor’ and it looks like a big old mess, but really, that’s the inevitable stage that happens right before the plan starts to click and the systems start to do their job.⁠

Don’t be afraid of the mess. There’s a breakthrough on the other side. It will all have been worth it!



Darrah Brustein

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