14 Books To Read as a Growth-Oriented Entrepreneur

Darrah Brustein
5 min readMar 6, 2023

After devouring 60 books over the last year, I’ve whittled them down to my top 14 to help you find something you’ll love and that will support your growth this year.

Because what I do lives at the intersection of life coaching and business strategy, my reading over-indexes in the personal development and business genres. I’ve listed them in no particular order or rank and trust that there’s at least one recommendation here that you’ll enjoy:

Big Little Breakthroughs — Josh Linkner

If you’re building a business, leading a team, and/or looking for inspiration and tools to help you have more frequent and sustained creativity and innovation, it’s worth a read.

Finding Me- Viola Davis

I challenge you to read this memoir and not be taken on an emotional journey of empathy, compassion, sadness, anger, amazement, love, and joy. A couple of quotes that stood out: “My biggest discovery was that you can re-create your life. You can redefine it. You don’t have to live in the past.” and “The purpose of life is to live it.” After reading Viola Davis’ story, these will move and inspire you even more deeply.

How Minds Change — David Mcraney

It’s funny how common sense can fly right out of the window when it comes to topics that are connected to our values. What do I mean? Riddle me this: When you last got into a verbal spat with someone over a disagreement, did you pause, listen, build trust and connection, mirror what you heard, and demonstrate your respect for their differing opinion before sharing your experience?…. Or, did you get worked up and debate your points, facts, and feelings? (no shame if the latter- I’m guilty of this, too.) This book does a great job of showing anecdotes and scientific evidence of why the prior is more effective (among other ways) if you want to change someone’s mind (or will be open to having yours changed…even by one degree).

I’m Glad My Mom Died — Jennette Mccurdy

I couldn’t put this book down! It read like fiction, as though I were reading a story like the one from the show the act , but sadly, it’s non-fiction. I wasn’t familiar with the author’s acting career prior to reading this, but that didn’t matter. Her…



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